DigiTrak F5 System

The DigiTrak® F5® Directional Drilling Locating System is the most technologically advanced in the world. DCI’s F Series™ line of locating systems. Over five years in development, The F5 platform builds on DCI’s industry-standard Eclipse® locating technology. The F5 receiver incorporates DCI’s patented 3D antenna technology; Ball-in-the-Box™ locating that lets you walk directly to a locate point from any direction bore path and pullback data logging. The F5 receiver combines its best-in-class functionality and technical precision in a lightweight yet rugged package that can execute the HDD industry’s toughest installations day after day. The F5 system offers five available transmitter frequencies to help you overcome interference at depths up to 90 ft.(27.4 m) to navigate the toughest obstacle and finish strong.

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