DigiTrak Falcon F1 System

The DigiTrak Falcon F1 Locating System is the entry-level guidance system in DCI’s line of Falcon “F” systems. The Falcon F1 gives crews access to the world famous DigiTrak Falcon technology that helps overcome active interference at an entry-level price. Active interference is one of the biggest obstacles in an underground drilling project and with the Falcon locating system your crew can complete more complex projects faster and more accurately.
The Falcon F1 System is built on the idea of helping crews complete the largest number of jobs in the shortest amount of time. It does so by dividing a wide range of frequencies into bands and then selects the frequencies that are least prone to the interference in each band, helping crews avoid active interference. The system also has incredible range, is simple to learn and easy to use day in and day out.
For those looking to increase the functionality of their Falcon F1 system to tackle deeper and tugher bores, The DigiTrak Falcon F1 system can be upgraded to the multi-band Falcon F2 Locating System.

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