Ultra High Flow End Load Housings

The ultra-high flow of the StraightLine Box X Box End Load Transmitter Housing is the result of a radical design with the goal of substantially increasing the flow characteristics over other end load housing designs. In our unique design the drilling fluid enters the housing through six 1/2″ holes in in the end cap and out of the transmitter outer tube through six 1/2″ slots. The main drilling fluid course is created between the inner sleeve that houses the transmitter and the outer assembly sleeve. This design allows drilling fluid to flow a full 360 degrees around the transmitter, keeping it cool and extending transmitter life. The StraightLine® Ultra High Flow End Load Housing is remarkably versatile. Use it with any brand of drill, any brand of locator, any brand of mud motor, and an endless variety of bits fitted with API connections from StraightLine, Geological Boring, drag bits, tri-cones, and universal bit adapters. These heavy-duty housings are manufactured from 4145HT material and are available in 3 1/4″, 3 3/4″, and 4 3/8″ diameters and in early 2010 will also be available in 5 1/2″ and 6 1/2″ diameters.

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