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Welcome To World HDD

We are a leading supplier of Horizontal Direction Drilling Machines, Equipment, Tooling, Drill Pipe and Locating Systems. Operating out of Chicago, IL, we partnered up only with US Manufactures to provide the highest quality products to our customers from around the globe. We offer a wide range of products and services to help you get everything you need to get your projects completed on time.Our team is dedicated to providing the best level of service with precise knowledge of all products, handling every request with care and detail. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save time and money on all your Horizontal Directional Drilling needs.


    Made in the USA

Your highest quality product is delivered! By sourcing and providing American made products, we support the American workforce and believe there are no better quality products, than the ones made right here.

01.our mission

To help equip our customers with the best equipment to get their job done with minimal effort and cost.

02.competitive leader

With a wide selection of products ranging from DCI Locating Systems, Drill Pipe and Tooling to a range of New and Used HDD Machines.

03.worldwide logistics

We deliver to anywhere in the world, as quickly or as cost effectively as needed.

04.our values

We believe in getting it done right the first time. With our full attention to what the customers need, we guarantee satisfaction.

Whatever you need, send us a request to see how we

can help your bottom line.

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