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New Equipment


We are excited to announce our new partnership with Universal HDD, an innovative US manufacturer
of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines and Equipment.

UNI 12×15

Size, power and versatility. Universal HDD UNI 12×15, the most compact drill in its class with a […]

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UNI 22×22

Universal HDD UNI 22×22, the most powerful drill in its class with maximum pullback force of 22,000 […]

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UNI 23×36

Universal HDD UNI 23×36, the most powerful drill in its class with maximum pullback force of 23,000 […]

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UNI 30×40

Universal HDD UNI 30×40, one of the most versatile drills in its class. With its solid performance […]

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UNI 36×50

Universal HDD UNI 36×50, the all around drilling beast that outperforms the competition while maintaining its simple […]

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UNI 70×90

Universal HDD UNI 70×90, the power monster that grabs attention with the smallest footprint in its class […]

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UNI 80×100

Universal HDD UNI 80×100, the machine that incorporates maximum power and maximum attention to key components which […]

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UNI 110×120

Universal HDD UNI 110×120, the toughest trenchless machine with field-proven design, performance, durability and low down-time which […]

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UNI 160×240

Universal HDD UNI 160×240, specifically engineered with high performance, high productivity and superb reliability in mind which […]

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UNI 220×240

Universal HDD UNI 220×240, maximize your drilling power with UNI 220×240, it drills through almost any ground […]

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UNI 250×400

Universal HDD UNI 250×400, the undisputed underground beast! Conquer any jobsite and penetrate any ground condition with […]

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