Falcon F1 System with FT1S Transmitter and AF8

worldhdd-f1-falcon-system-with-AF8-F1S transmitter

Falcon F1 System with FT1S Transmitter and AF8


Product Description

The Falcon F1™ replaces DCI’s popular DigiTrak SE and introduces Falcon technology to customers who typically perform short and shallow bores. DCI’s Falcon technology minimizes the effect of active interference on job sites, resulting in increased uptime for HDD crews. The Falcon F1 is a single-band receiver that uses the same frequency optimization technology as other Falcon receivers.

Falcon frequency optimizer helps minimize the impact of active interference. The Falcon F1™ single-band transmitter supports frequencies from 9.0 kHz to 13.5 kHz with infrared pairing of receiver and transmitter. Additional features include: 0.1% precision pitch for completing critical grade bores, max mode noise filtering boosts fringe data and stabilizes depth readings, and 12-position roll clock with roll offset. The Falcon F1 is also compatible with DigiTrak Aurora® touchscreen display.

Falcon receivers use a different approach to tackling interference. The Falcon F1 receiver allows a customer to scan for active interference along the bore path using Falcon’s frequency optimizer. Results for Band 11 are shown on the screen of the receiver and can then be paired with the Falcon FT1S transmitter. For extreme interference, engage Max Mode for a more stable depth reading.

Your Falcon F1 System includes:
  • Falcon F1 Receiver
  • Falcon FT1S Transmitter (8 inch)
  • F Series Li-ion/NiMH charger with three NiMH battery packs
  • Carry case(s)
  • Operator’s manuals on USB flash drive


This Equipment qualifies for Low Rate Financing.