3″ Mud Motor 5/6; 2 3/8″ Reg Pin (top)/2 3/8″ Reg Box


3″ Mud Motor 5/6; 2 3/8″ Reg Pin (top)/2 3/8″ Reg Box

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Product Description

Mud motor specifications:

  • High Torque – more set down weight can be put on bit for faster penetration with reserve power for the hard spots
  • HDD Power Section Designs – the displacement of our power sections were carefully matched to the mud pumps commonly found on major OEM directional drilling machines. It is this precise match that gives our motors exceptional HDD performance.
  • Slow Speed – the motor operates at a speed more compatible with roller bits. This significantly lengthens bit life with increased on bottom time and fewer round trips.
  • Oil Filled Bearing Section – pre-pressured and pressure compensated bearing section provides long seal life and more dependable bearing operation.