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DigiTrak Falcon Upgrade Options


DigiTrak Falcon Upgrade Options

16 Aug, 2017 World HDD Admin

DigiTrak Falcon Upgrade Options

With DigiTrak’s Falcon technology, it has never been easier to overcome passive and active interference. Falcon systems provide your crew with the best frequencies to get the every job done faster, every time! With the DigiTrak Falcon Upgrade program, you can take advantage of trading in your old equipment and getting significant discounts on brand new Falcon F2 or F5 system.

Falcon Upgrade Options

Digitrak Falcon Upgrade

FF5 Upgrade Option includes upgrades for Rebar support
Upgraded receivers in this section come with a 1 year warranty
To enable Falcon F5 iGPS compatibility, add $250

Additional Upgrade Options

digitrak additional upgrade falcon

Upgraded receivers in this section come with a 90-day warranty


Falcon Upgrade prices DO NOT include Falcon compatible transmitters or iGPS module.


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